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A Catalogue and Gazetteer of Forts and Fortresses,
Trading Posts, Camps, Stockades, Blockhouses, Garrisons,
Arsenals, and Seacoast Batteries in the United States and Canada
and Associated Territories *

(Including Select Listings for Mexico, Cuba, and Central America)

Photo: Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, 1993.

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Welcome to North American! The purpose of this website is to gather basic information on every known military and civilian fortification built in the United States, Canada, and their territories, and to attempt to hyperlink together all known related websites found on the internet in order to provide more information than we can provide on this site.

Forts are catalogued by state, province, or territory, in geographic progression, in a gazetteer format. An alphabetical index for each page is provided at the top of each page. There is NO master index for this website. Each fort is identified with national flags of ownership and dates-of-service for at-a-glance referencing.
This project is a continual work-in-progress! If you know of any forts that we may have missed or overlooked, or have additional information or corrections to the forts we do have, or have a website that we may link to, or want to report a dead link, please let us know by contacting us via e-mail. Thank you, and enjoy!

Special thanks to many individuals who provided information and corrections. Our gratitude goes out to all.
We are particularly indebted to Jim Geisler for providing data on pioneer settlement forts of the Ohio River Valley; to Ted Cook for data on western frontier outposts; and to Marshall Sitrin for many corrections throughout. Thanks also to Mark Berhow, of the Coast Defense Study Group, for his compiled list of "Modern American Seacoast Defenses, 1890 - 1950", and to the late Robert Zink, also of the CDSG, for his "Forts of Wherever" series, and his helpful guidance towards this project. Other individual credits appear within the listings where appropriate.

We also wish to thank our parents, Pierre and Irene Payette, for all those cross-country summer vacations in the 1970s and '80s which provided the seeds of our interest in American History, and also for their recent travels which has been a source for many brochures, books, photos, and other materials from many places which we have yet been unable to visit in person.

I also wish to gratefully thank my wife, Leisa, for graciously putting up with all of this. (Pete)


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