Fort Wellington

Built 1813, Rebuilt 1837, Abandoned 1869

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The original Fort Wellington was built in 1813, as a wooden blockhouse with earthworks and a shore battery, to protect Prescott against American attack during the War of 1812. The blockhouse was rebuilt and enlarged in 1837, along with new officers' quarters, and a stone caponiere was built in the dry moat facing the river, in response to the Patriot's Rebellion of 1836 - 1838. After British troops left Canada in 1870, the fort was used as a provincial military supply depot until 1923. The fort has been preserved to the 1846 period.

site plan of Fort Wellington Blockhouse

courtesy of Parks Canada
A site plan of the Fort Wellington Blockhouse.

courtesy of Parks Canada
A photo of Fort Wellington in 1891.

Exterior of Fort Wellington earthworks.
The blockhouse is visible inside.

The dry ditch with palisade defence and stone caponiere.

Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site.
Scene of 1838 battle during Patriot's Rebellion.
The windmill was converted to a lighthouse from 1874 to 1975.
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