Fire-Control Towers & Lighthouses

Located throughout the park and beyond.
Towers 9 (adjacent to 10) and 14 (Broadkill Beach) no longer exist.
Special note: although it is documented that the HECP was in Tower 9,
my comparison of old maps with new maps appear to show it was actually Tower 10.

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse on the outer breakwater.
Tower 11 may have been right next to the light (on the right).
My studies suggest the Light itself was not the FC tower.
N 3848.871 W07505.544 (USCGS)

Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse. N 3847.827 W07505.998 (USCGS)

Tower 13 (near ferry terminal). N 3846.762 W07507.191 (USCGS)

Tower 7 (open to public). N 3846.580 W07505.566 (USCGS)

Tower 12 (viewed from 7). N 3846.548 W07506.034
(USCGS "Military")

Another view of Tower 12 (near campground).

Tower 10 - HECP (or 9). N 3847.648 W07505.500
Still used by the Delaware Pilots Association.

Tower 8 (near youth center). N 3847.295 W07505.691 (USCGS)

Towers 5 & 6
(on south end of state park accessible only from Rehoboth Beach).

Radar tower site behind Tower 6 (couple sitting on part of it).
N 3844.964 W07504.875 (USCGS "Gordon")

Towers 3 & 4 (Delaware Seashore State Park near Dewey Beach).
N 3840.689 W07504.267 (USCGS "Round")

Tower 4. N 3840.837 W07504.284
(USCGS "Rehoboth Beach Observation Tower 5")

Tower 2 (by Indian Harbor Villa south of Indian River bridge).
N 3835.314 W07503.674
(USCGS "Bethany Beach Observation Tower 4")

Tower 1 (Fenwick Island State Park near Seaside Villas).
N 3830.351 W07503.232
(USCGS "Fenwick Island Observation Tower 3")

Another view of Tower 1.

Unknown tower foundation near Battery Herring.