AMTB Battery 951 - Pulpit Rock Camp

Battery 951 (1943 - 1945), two fixed-mount 90mm dual-purpose guns.
Remnant of gun mount #1 partially paved-over in the parking area.

Remains of the #2 gun mount that was destroyed and buried during expansion of the roadway in the 1960's.

A 90mm fixed-mount AMTB gun,
located at Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia.

According to local tradition, this house was built in 1943 as barracks for the gun
and observation crews stationed here at Pulpit Rock Camp.
Private Property!

This tower was one of a series of Base-end Stations for Fort Dearborn.
The top level was used for Battery 204 (B4 S4), the second level down was for Battery Seaman (B8 S8).
The roof was used for anti-aircraft intelligence (AAIS OP 7).
It is not in use, and currently closed to the public.
Owned by the State of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department since 1974.
The US Navy used the tower from 1954 to 1971.

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