Appledore Island Base-End / Radar Station - Location 141 (Site 1A)

B7/2 S7/2 and B3/1 S3/1 Fort Dearborn - B2/6 S2/6 Fort Foster

2009 photo

1946 photo from the Bob Tuttle Collection, Shoals Marine Lab

This seven-story concrete tower was completed in April 1944 on a leased 1.94 acre site as a combined Base-End Station and Radar Station for Fort Dearborn and Fort Foster. Searchlight positions #6 and #7 were located elsewhere on the island. To the north of the tower, past the old USCG Boat House, were the Army station barracks (Site 1B) and the Navy's Magnetic Indicator Loop Station along the gravel spall road to the Army-built crib wharf and pier (completed Sept. 1943). The Army pier was destroyed in a storm in 1947, and was never rebuilt.

2011 photo courtesy of Robin Hadlock Seeley
A close-up of the Appledore Island tower. The seventh-story observation level (with DPF) was used for Battery 103/Seaman (B7 S7), the sixth level was intended for Battery 205 (B2 S2), and the fifth level was for Battery 204 (B3 S3). The roof deck was used for the anti-aircraft intelligence service (AAIS OP 6). A 50-foot tall steel-frame mast for an SCR-296A fire-control radar unit was once located on top of the concrete tower, and was removed after the war. Three fuel tanks for the power generators were installed directly underneath the concrete tower in the bedrock. The concrete tower is no longer considered safe for public access, due to interior structural deterioration, but can be viewed from the outside. The tower is now owned by the Shoals Marine Laboratory of Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire. All other military structures on the island no longer exist.

GPS for Location 141 Benchmark (MY4794) - N 42° 59.234 W 070° 36.825 (NAD 83)

Located on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals, Kittery, Maine.
No Public Admittance!

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