Bald Head Cliff Base-End Station - Location 152

B12/2 S12/2 Fort Dearborn

(image forthcoming)

This three-story concrete tower with attached cottage was completed in April 1944 on a leased 0.37 acre site as a Base-End Station for Fort Dearborn (B12 S12 for Battery 103/Seaman and AAIS OP 11). Searchlight position #19 was located just east of the station. A concrete-block pump house with a 6000 gallon storage tank was built behind (west of) the cottage, disguised as a one-car garage. A swimming pool was built in 1960 adjacent to the station. The station was dismantled in 1964 for construction of a new section of the hotel.

The Cliff House Hotel once had their own wooden lookout tower just to the south of the station for the use of hotel guests, which pre-dated the war. It was probably used by the Army in 1942 before the observation station was completed. The hotel was ordered closed during the war. The Army left in 1946, and the hotel was reopened for guests in 1948.

(NOTE: No US Army coastal defense radar station was here during WWII. The US Navy and Air Force used several of the old base-end stations in the 1950's for coastal defense observation and experimental radar testing platforms, which may explain the local tradition of this being a radar site. This author has not, however, found any evidence to confirm this for this location.)

GPS for Location 152 Benchmark (OC2158) - N 43 13.252 W 070 34.595 (NAD 83)
(about 200 feet west of the shore, 150 feet east of the east cliff face and about six feet south of the range of the south face of the Cliff House Hotel.
The Base-End Station was about 200 feet north of Loc. 152 Reference Mark 1 (OC0467) - N 43 13.250 W 070 34.600 (NAD 83).)

Located at the Cliff House Hotel on Shore Road, Bald Head Cliff, Ogunquit, Maine.

History of the Cliff House Hotel