Boon Island Coast Guard Watch Tower

All three photos by Ron Packard, courtesy of The Lighthouse Digest Collection

A Coast Guard watch tower located on Boon Island, 1941-45. A crew of ten armed only with rifles manned this outpost 24-hours a day to watch for possible landings of German spies or raiding parties. The men had a two-day shore leave rotated every two weeks.

A US Navy blimp flies over Boon Island, on a U-Boat watch patrol.

A similar watch tower was also erected by the Coast Guard at Cape Neddick, on the ocean-side of Nubble Light, in 1941. Concrete footings for this tower still exist.

GPS for Boon Island Lighthouse (OC1995) - N 43 07.287 W 070 28.585 (NAD 83)

Located on Boon Island, York, Maine.