Castle Hill Base-End Station - Location 137

B2/2 S2/2 Fort Dearborn - B10/16 S10/16 Fort Ruckman

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A two-story wooden cottage and concrete tower was completed in January 1944 on a leased 17.83 acre site on the grounds of the Crane Estate at Castle Hill (built 1928), and was used as a combined Base-End Station for Fort Dearborn in Rye and Fort Ruckman in Nahant. The side-by-side observation deck was used for Battery 103/Seaman (B2 S2) and Battery 104/Murphy (B10 S10) (with DPF). A trap door on the roof opened to the anti-aircraft intelligence service post (AAIS OP 1) for Portsmouth. A one-story concrete-block pump house was built behind the station, disguised as a one-car garage. It housed two AC generators, a pneumatic well pump, chlorinator, heater, and an air compressor for an underground 2430-gallon water storage tank behind the pump house. The station was completely demolished by the landowners almost immediately after the Army left in 1948. The 165-acre estate was acquired by The Trustees of Reservations in 1949. The pump house still remains on site (as of 2000), located along the shore north of the Crane Mansion. There is an $8 per car admission fee to the park.

GPS for Base-End Station B10/16 (Murphy) (MY4971) - N 42 41.420 W 070 46.545 (NAD 83)
GPS for Base-End Station B2/2 (Seaman) (MY4970) - N 42 41.421 W 070 46.546 (NAD 83)
GPS for Location 137 Benchmark (MY0223) - N 42 41.414 W 070 46.563 (NAD 83)

Located at the Crane Estate, Castle Hill, Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Castle Hill (The Crane Estate)