Mount Agamenticus Radar Station

courtesy of NOAA - Coast & Geodetic Survey Historic Image Collection
The Agamenticus Radar Base in 1946, with the former Army barracks and support buildings.
A NOAA - Coast Survey SHORAN antenna array is attached midway to the main SCR-271 radar tower.

An anti-aircraft spotting station and an SCR-271 early-warning radar were located on Mount Agamenticus (692 feet elevation), adjacent to the old US Forest Service 50-foot tall steel-frame fire-spotting tower (built 1934, replacing an earlier wooden tower from 1918). Although not officially under the command of the Portsmouth Harbor Defenses, the site was manned by 25 soldiers of the 551st Battalion, U.S. Army Signal Corps. The first arrivals lived in tents until the barracks were built in 1942. One civilian was stationed in the forest fire lookout tower. In the winter of 1945, the entire complex was destroyed by fire, as fire equipment could not get up the road due to heavy snow. No visible remains today, except for the radar tower's four concrete footings. The last remaining military buildings were demolished in the 1980s.

GPS for Mt. Agamenticus Benchmark (OC2305) - N 43 13.406 W 070 41.517 (NAD 83)

Located at Mount Agamenticus, York, Maine.