Ragged Neck Searchlight and Radar Station - Location 139 A

photo by Don MacKenzie, courtesy of Gerald Butler
A portable steel-girder tower set up for a 60-inch searchlight at Ragged Neck Point.

Located here on a 4.0 acre site (NH state land leased by the War Dept.) were searchlight positions #4 and #5 and a mobile SCR-268 radar station. There were no permanent structures built here. This parcel of land is now part of Rye Harbor State Park.
The stone breakwater at Rye Harbor was built in 1939 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

GPS for Ragged Neck Benchmark (OC0445) - N 43 00.081 W 070 44.589 (NAD 83)

Located at Ragged Neck Point, Rye Harbor, NH.

Rye Harbor State Park