Rye Ledge Base-End Station - Location 139

B6/2 S6/2 and B2/1 S2/1 Fort Dearborn - B1/6 S1/6 Fort Foster

This station was completed in July 1943 on a government-owned 0.35 acre site as a combined Base-End Station for Fort Dearborn and Fort Foster. The main house structure and the central concrete tower were the original design elements, but were substantially remodeled by the property owners in 1967, including the large bay windows in the front of the concrete tower. The tall cedar-shingled tower to the left of the house, and the crow's nest (sundeck) at center on top of the concrete tower, are also additions from 1967. The entire structure was demolished in February 2007 by the new property owners.

Another view of the Rye Ledge station, looking west. The original observation window slits in the concrete tower stand out better from this angle. The top observation level was intended for Battery 205 (B1 S1), the middle level was used for Battery 103/Seaman (B6 S6), and the bottom level was used for Battery 204 (B2 S2). The roof deck was for the anti-aircraft intelligence service (AAIS OP 5). Searchlight positions #2 and #3 were located to either side of the house.

View looking east.

A close-up of the concrete tower. Note the detail of the faux brickwork and paneling in the concrete facing.
This is the original work as shown on the 1943 Report of Completed Works (RCW).

GPS for Base-End Station (MY5173) - N 42 58.422 W 070 45.916 (NAD 83)

Located on Ocean Blvd. (Route 1-A) at Rye Ledge, Rye Beach, NH.
Private Property!