Sisters' Point Base-End / Radar Station - Location 149

B9/2 S9/2 and B5/1 S5/1 Fort Dearborn - B4/6 S4/6 Fort Foster

This five-story concrete tower was completed in July 1942 on a government-owned 4.71 acre site as a combined Base-End Station for Fort Foster and Fort Dearborn. The Army barracks was not attached to the tower. The fifth-story observation level was intended for Battery 205 (B4 S4), the fourth-story level was for Battery 204 (B5 S5), and the third-story level was for Battery 103/Seaman (B9 S9). The fifth level was later changed to the HD OPS 3 station for the Portsmouth Harbor Defense Operations Command. The roof deck/balcony was used for the anti-aircraft intelligence service (AAIS OP 8). Searchlight positions #13 and #14 were located southwest and southeast of the tower. An SCR-296A fire-control radar on a 100-foot tall steel-frame tower, with an adjoining concrete-block operating room, was located on the north-side of the concrete tower. An SCR-268 mobile radar unit was set up in 1944 southeast of the concrete tower, adjacent to searchlight #14. The concrete tower was demolished by the new landowners in May 2004. There are no visible remains today.

circa 1944 photo

GPS for Base-End Station (OC2197) - N 43° 04.534 W 070° 40.078 (NAD 83)
GPS for Location 149 Benchmark (OC0496) - N 43° 04.538 W 070° 40.083 (NAD 83)

Located at Sisters' Point, Gerrish Island, Kittery, Maine.
Private Property!

courtesy of NOAA - Coast & Geodetic Survey Historic Image Collection
A typical SCR-296A radar tower, located at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 1946.
Shown is a post-war NOAA SHORAN antenna array attached to the SCR-296A radar tower frame.

photo by Don MacKenzie, courtesy of Gerald Butler
An SCR-268 mobile radar unit set up at Sisters' Point in 1944.

photo by Don MacKenzie, courtesy of Gerald Butler
Another view of the same SCR-268 radar, with a 60-inch searchlight.