Surviving WWII Structures of the Harbor Defenses of Beaufort Inlet
Battery Macon and Battery Cape Lookout

(including Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Life-Saving Station)

The ruins of the Battery Commander's Station and Plotting Room for Battery Macon (1942-1944).
N 3441.672 W07640.924 (USCGS "CRF Battery 7")
This is all that remains of any of the WWII structures at Fort Macon.
Two concrete gun mounts for 6-inch naval guns were built on the beach
directly in front of the station. They are completely buried under the sand.
N 3441.636 W07640.963 (USCGS "DP Battery 7")

The remains of the foundation of the Battery Commander's Tower and CRF Station for Battery Cape Lookout (1942-1944).
This supported a 24-foot tall wooden tower with an enclosed wooden observation station. The footings were originally built 17 feet above the mean low water line. It now sits below the high water line, and the photo was taken two hours before low tide.

A close-up of the tower remains.
N 3436.121 W07632.601 (USCGS "B1 Battery 5")

What little remains to be seen of the battery structure. This was a concrete bunker with a central traverse magazine, emplaced with two 5-inch naval guns.
This is the #2 gun position. The structure has listed to the right due to severe surf erosion taking its toll. The photo was taken at low tide.
(GPS not yet determined)

The footings for the SCR-296A radar tower at Cape Lookout.
This was a 100-foot tall steel-latice tower.

Close-up of the tower footings.
N 3436.147 W07632.502 (USCGS)

The foundations of the radar transmitter building and two power plant buildings.

The Cape Lookout Lifesaving Station, now abandoned, as seen from the radar tower location. The Army bivouaced in this area.

The original Cape Lookout Lifesaving Station.
It has been moved further inland from the beach.
(GPS not yet determined)

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse from the dunes.

Another view of the lighthouse in the late afternoon sun.
N 3437.365 W07631.472 (USCGS)

Locations of other WWII sites that no longer exist:
HECP (on fort parapet) N 3441.766 W07640.721 (USCGS "HDOP")
Atlantic Beach FC Tower N 3441.861 W07646.137 (USCGS "B3 Battery 7")
Fort Macon FC Tower N 3441.723 W07641.709 (USCGS "B2 Battery 7")
Battery Atlantic Beach (site undetermined)
Searchlight Towers (sites undetermined)
East Shackleford Banks FC Tower N 3439.520 W07634.396 (USCGS "B3 Battery 5")
West Shackleford Banks FC Tower N 3441.060 W07638.846 (USCGS "B1 Battery 7")
Core Banks North FC Tower N 3439.192 W07630.085 (USCGS "B2 Battery 5")
Core Banks Radio Tower N 3438.110 W07630.085 (USCGS)