Anti-Aircraft Battery

1 N 3655.543 W07600.214
2 N 3655.566 W07600.239
3 N 3655.587 W07600.264
Originally built between 1921 and 1928 and consisting only of the concrete gun blocks.
It had three M1917 3-inch guns on revolving pedestal carriages.
Rebuilt between 1942 and 1943 of reinforced concrete and now contains ready
ammunition recesses and magazines. The new battery was armed with three 3-inch
M1917-M1A2 guns on fixed M2 carriages.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. page 76}

See 2004 UPDATE page

Looking down onto Gun #3.

The passageway recently cleared out from Hurricane Isabel.

Entrance to Gun #2.

Gun #2 area looking back towards the entry.
(This was the best I could do).

Entrance to Gun #1.

Gun #1 area looking back towards the entry.

Emergency Battery

Battery A (1917 - 1919) consisted of two 6-inch M1900 guns on pedestal mounts.
Battery B (1917 - 1919) of two 5-inch M1905 guns on pedestal mounts was nearby.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. pages 90 and 96}

Battery A gun emplacement #2

Battery A gun emplacement #1, mostly buried under the breakwater
(some of these "rocks" are indeed bits of concrete)

Possibly Battery B gun emplacement #1

Possibly Battery B gun emplacement #2
(rocks or concrete?)

155mm Batteries

Battery U
1 N 3655.185 W07559.714 - 2 N 3655.201 W07559.715
3 N 3655.230 W07559.742 - 4 N 3655.261 W07559.782
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. page 190}

The first Panama mount, located behind the dune line where the other three are. This one was uncovered years ago.

The remains of the second 155mm Panama mount gun emplacement along the Atlantic side of the shoreline. (Reburied by Hurricane Isabel in 2003)

The third Panama mount emplacement. Note the WWI-era railroad tracks sticking out of the dune. (Reburied by Hurricane Isabel in 2003)

A fourth Panama mount emplacement.
These three mounts were uncovered during a hurricane in 1999.

Next to the Panama mounts, this is probably the site of the BC Tower, or the Life Saving Station's signal tower. (Reburied by Hurricane Isabel in 2003)

Battery 1; other mounts removed when the Nike radar
station was built (now a USMC facility).

Battery 5 - mount 1; other mounts removed when Battery 226
was built (replaced by Battery U).
Note 226 in background.

Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries (19, 21 & 22)

19 N 3655.508 W07602.615
21 (occupied structure - GPS withheld)
22 N 3655.828 W07601.102(approx)

See 2004 UPDATE page

{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. pages 80 and 72}

AMTB Battery 21, currently being used as the
Harbormaster's watch post.
It has obviously been modified.

Another view of the Harbormaster's watch post.
The gun emplacements are buried but the ammo storage
compartments are visible.

Original look of the battery (from the rear).
(from Bill Gaines)

2000: Located along the bayside, an emplacement
of AMTB 22 stands defiantly against the sea.

The other emplacement of this battery.
This gun block was still standing in 1998.

2001: gun block now fallen over.
Block #2 is visible above the foreground block.
Located here were two 90mm guns (1942 - 1948).

2004: Foundation to the BC station.
The gun pads are now in the surf (see update page)

Current view of the site - now completely washed away.

Original appearance of the Examination Battery, also known
as Battery 19. Its guns came from Fishermans Island (originally
from Fort Wool). Photo taken from one of the Granite FC towers.
(from Bill Gaines)

This "cave" in the brush is the magazine to the Exam battery,
located near the west gate. The gun emplacements no longer exist.

Railway Artillery Batteries

12" N 3655.123 W07559.835 - 14" N 3654.878 W07559.692(approx)

{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. pages 116, 156 and 164}

The 12-inch rail gun platform, located in the new base housing.

An example of railway artillery in place. (from Bill Gaines)

There is a large 14-inch rail gun platform near the East Gate, but it is still buried.
A smaller 14-inch rail gun mount was between the 12-inch and the other 14-inch.
However, this foundation has been removed.
Also, a pair of 8-inch rail guns were located in what is now the beach parking lot,
and 12-inch railway mortars were placed near Batteries Cramer and 226.