New Mine Casemate (1921 - 1945)

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The exterior concrete facade of the (new) Mine Casemate, added in 1942 for protection against enemy fire and gas attacks.
Gas warning markings on the interior doorway.
The interior of the Engine Room, the first room entered from the airlock chamber.
What is left of the latrine. All of the wooden floors have collapsed.
The Operating Room, or command center. Left side.
The Operating Room, right side.
In this room would have been the communications, plotting boards, and controls for the harbor mines.
The Dormitory Room, or quarters, for the men stationed here.
An exit doorway from the Dorm Room into the interstitial space.
The interstitial space between the mine casemate proper, and the outer shock-proof walls.
Shown are the ventilation shafts from the Engine Room to an airstack vent outside above the casemate.

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