Battery Seaman / 103

The rear entrance to the #2 gun at Battery Seaman (1944-48).

The front of the #2 gun position.
A single 16-inch navy "battleship" gun on a barbette carriage was emplaced here.
The guns were shielded from 1946-48, after which they were removed.

The main entrance to Battery Seaman.
It is still sealed, much as the two gun bays were until 1988.

The combined Gun Group Observation Post (G1 OP) and Battery Commanders' (BC) Station atop Battery Seaman.

The entrance to the G1/BC OP station.

The inside of the station.
Note the Battery Commander's instrument pedestal.
GPS for Battery 103 BC (OC2193) - N 43 03.062 W 070 43.251 (NAD 83)

The Gun Group Commander's instrument pedestal.
GPS for G1 OP (OC2192) - N 43 03.060 W 070 43.252 (NAD 83)

A ventilation shaft atop Battery Seaman.
There were several of these.
All batteries and mine casemates in Portsmouth
were gas-proofed before the war, or upon construction.

The rear entrance to the #1 gun position.

The inscription and date above the entrance.
Traces of cement still show from when the entrance was sealed.

The front of gun position #1.
GPS for Gun 1 (OC0433) - N 43 02.933 W 070 43.267 (NAD 83)

The old road behind Battery Seaman, looking south back towards the visitor center.

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