Pulpit Rock Base-End Station - Location 142 (Site 2A)

B8/2 S8/2 and B4/1 S4/1 Fort Dearborn

This eight-story concrete tower was completed by the Army in June 1943 on a government-owned 0.44 acre site as a Base-End Station for Fort Dearborn. The eighth-story level (with DPF) was used for Battery 204 (B4 S4), the seventh-story level (with DPF) was used for Battery 103/Seaman (B8 S8). The roof deck was used for the anti-aircraft intelligence service (AAIS OP 7).

This tower is not currently in use, and is closed to the public. Owned by the State of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department since 1974, which once used the tower for observing offshore fisheries violations. The US Navy used the tower from 1954 to 1971 for harbor defense purposes, and probably (?) had a radar unit of some kind installed on the roof. The tower was originally proposed for the National Register of Historic Places in the mid-1970s, but ultimately did not make the final list. It was re-nominated and was successful in 2010. A local "Friends" group was formed in 2008 to save the tower from major alteration and for future public visitation. NOTE: The tower was first opened to the public in October 2009, and has been opened about three or four times a year since then.
Just for clarification, the term "Pulpit Rock" refers to the natural mass of rock at the shoreline that forms a cliff face above the water, and not for the hill upon which sits the concrete tower.

Entrance to the tower.

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According to local tradition, this house was originally built as barracks for the gun battery (AMTB 951) and observation crews stationed here at Pulpit Rock Camp.
Private Property!

In July 1942 a 55-foot steel-frame tower with a two-level corrugated steel cab was built on a separate government-owned 0.33 acre site (Site 1A) near the barracks at Pulpit Rock Camp, alongside the highway. The top deck was intended for Battery 205 (B3 S3), and the lower deck was assigned to the Portsmouth Harbor Defense Operations Command (HD OPS 1). This second tower was dismantled sometime between 1949 and 1953. Searchlight position #8 was located at the shoreline on a small frame tower adjacent to the 90mm AMTB gun battery (Site 1B).

GPS for Concrete Tower Base-End Station (OC2293) - N 43 02.011 W 070 43.223 (NAD 83)
GPS for Location 142 Benchmark (Steel-frame Tower Base-End Station) (OC0439) - N 43 01.991 W 070 43.139 (NAD 83)

Located at Pulpit Rock, Rye, NH.

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Pulpit Rock Camp - AMTB Battery 951

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