The Mine (Torpedo) Storehouse and Loading Room.
The mines were transported by a rail system to the dock to be loaded onto the Mine Planter ships.

Close-up of the Mine Storehouse.

The old Ordnance Storehouse, now the USCG Motor Pool Building.

The Coast Guard's Boat House.

Fog coming in at the USCG pier.
The USCGC RELIANCE is on the left. On the right is USCGC TAMAROA.
The USCGC TAMAROA was featured in the 2000 film "The Perfect Storm",
although a stand-in vessel was used for the actual filming.

Winter view of the north wall.
The USCGC RELIANCE (WMEC 615), which is still currently based here, is on the right.
The other vessel is the USCGC TAMAROA (WMEC 166), which was decommissioned in 1994.
The USCGC RELIANCE is now berthed at the Naval Shipyard upriver because the pier was deemed
no longer safe for continual use in its current condition.
It will be rebuilt in the near future by UNH for the new Coastal Marine Laboratory.

Same view as above, but different season and angle.
The Keeper's House is visible through the opening in the outer wall.

The foundation of the Quartermaster's Storehouse (early 1900's),
near the main entrance to the reservation.

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